Phil’s Biography

Even at a young age, Phil Evans had ambitions to break into stand up comedy and show business. When he was just seven years old, he was taken to see his first pantomime and moments after the plush red velvet curtains opened, he knew what he wanted to do when he grew up. But the dream was almost impossible. How could a young lad from South Wales ever hope to find a job making plush red velvet curtains?

He left school with ten GCSE’s. But the headmaster made him put them back.

The Wrong Path!

Unqualified, un-focused and totally lacking ambition, Phil Evans was dangerously close to going down the wrong path, shaming his family and ruining his entire life. But luckily he soon came to his senses and decided not to go into politics.

The World of Work

In his late teens and early twenties he took on a variety of different jobs. For a while he got up at five o’ clock every morning to walk the streets of his home town, delivering letters and small packages. Naturally, when the Royal Mail found out what he was up to, they were furious.

He tried waiting at tables, until the manager of the restaurant threw him out for loitering.

Health and Wellbeing

Around that time he was rushed to hospital, there was nothing wrong with him. He just got his tie caught in the ambulance doors and he still is a clumsy twit to this very day.

Phil’s Comedy

Phil’s stand up comedy, although sometimes cheeky, is never crude or offensive. His act is a non-stop barrage of hilarious stories told in an easy-going style that has amused audiences from Swansea to San Diego and often includes a popular nostalgic childhood routine with which everyone can identify.

Phil Evans has gained his stand up comedy experience by working in many top Clubs, Cabaret, Hotels and Holiday venues, so he is adept at changing his material for whatever audience he is entertaining, from grandchildren to granddads.

Phil Evans is also a successful TV audience ‘warm-up’ artist for BBC Television, ITV One Wales and S4C, a job that requires not only comedic talent, but also great diplomacy, because the ‘ warm-up’ man must always ensure that his comedy does not wring bigger laughs out of the audience than the show which is being recorded.

The fact that Phil Evans is continually being called back by the same studios to warm-up their audiences, shows that he has more than mastered this difficult art!

Phil Evans works closely with some of the leading TV comedy production companies including Absolutely Productions Ltd London, Damage Productions Cardiff and Zeitgeist Productions Cardiff and regularly appears on TV, Radio Wales and Radio Cymru.

Phil Evans is the number one choice for hosting that special event. He is a dream to work with, being both organised and thoroughly professional.

Phil is an ideal choice for mixed audiences, particularly those of a more mature nature, having a winning combination of talent and presentation delivered with a cheeky Welsh warmth. As Shakespeare once said, ‘the entire world’s a stage…’ and when Phil Evans takes the stage you will see an entertainer with the world at his feet. In other words, a right “clever dick” if ever there was one…

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