Read the news – don’t make it!

Some loyal readers like my Uncle Cledwyn and my chiropractor  Arthur ‘Flat Nose’ O’ Toole the spectacularly unsuccessful (fought 20fights – lost 21) ex- boxer, have asked why I sometimes comment on news stories weeks after they’ve done the rounds.  Not that Arthur O’Toole ever went more than one round.  I had answers for them both, which can’t be repeated in a family newspaper.

I’m sometimes late catching up with news items because I’m a very busy man and although I buy papers every day, I don’t always get chance to look at more than the headlines.  Then there’s the magazines I buy (No, not from the top shelf) plus the ones I subscribe to that regularly pop through the letterbox.  Newspapers, their weekend supplements and glossy magazines pile up until I find time to read them before they go into the re-cycling.

While sorting through some old newspapers I saw an article about professional autocue reader Huw Edwards that brightened-up the early autumn evening gloom.

The article and the accompanying photos made me wonder if he’s going through a mid-life crisis, though as he’s 58 it’s doubtful he’ll reach 116.  I’m happy to be proved wrong, so will someone please call me on the day he celebrates that birthday?

The article focused on his obsession with his weight loss and virile new image, which led him to post lots of photographs of himself on social media in model-like poses which have been described variously as ‘relaxed’ and ‘sultry’.  Please stop laughing!!

He’s also posted one of himself straddling a motor bike wearing a suit and buckled shoes. Huw’s wearing the suit and buckled shoes, not the motorbike.

I’m not suggesting he’s a self-important narcissist, but I’m sure one photo revealed a love bite on his neck.  Self-inflicted.

His BBC colleagues are highly amused by Huw’s obsession with his slimline body and are just as eager to see his latest postings as he is to send them.

All joking aside, this proves that those whose job it is to read the news should strenuously avoid being in the news!