Are we really living in the past?

Many comedians, after they’ve established a rapport with their audience, like to inter-act with individuals.  Using charm and persistence, they can get them to reveal what they do for a living, where they live and even details of their love life – which, of course, amuses the whole audience.

However, if the comedian insults the audience to the point where they get embarrassed and offended, then such performers are guilty of ‘biting off the hand that feeds them’.

Lord Julian Fellowes could be accused of biting off the hands of British audiences…right up to the shoulder!  An actor before he wrote “Gosford Park” and won an Oscar for best screenplay, Lord Fellowes, never one to shy away from self-promotion, has been touring America to plug his new film.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or laugh even louder when I read he’d complained to the American press that while the USA is a forward-looking society, the UK is ‘living in the past’.

The nerve of the man!

As far as I recall, everything he’s written has been set in previous eras and he’s made a lucrative living from it.  He’s probably best known for creating “Downton Abbey”, which, you may or may not forgive him for, depending on how forgiving a nature you have . . .

The long-running series has come to an end, but he’s written the screenplay of a film version which will be released later this year.  Although not a huge fan of his work, I do admire his work ethic – he’s a one-man script factory!  He never stops.

Apart from writing countless episodes of “Downton Abbey”, he wrote “The Young Victoria”; “Vanity Fair”; and a TV version of the Titanic tragedy; and has written a new series called “Belgravia” set in the 1930s.

I should also mention the film he’s been promoting in America, “The Chaperone”, is set in the 1920s.

Note than none of them are futuristic science-fiction epics.  I don’t for one minute believe us Brits are ‘living in the past’.  But I know a portly, titled gentleman who definitely is!