Secret Dinners

Secret dinners:

Last week I found myself being the guest after dinner speaker at a very secret men only event. It was so secret that I’m unable to say anymore about it.

Yes, they have men only functions in this day and age, and there was me thinking that times had changed.

Over the years I have also found myself speaking at a ladies only function but those events are rare. Having said that, I have very fond memories of such occasions.

More so than the men only events. Yes, what I’m saying is that the ladies are more fun to entertain than the men and I speak from experience.

Women have been known to laugh harder, louder and longer.

Often women have a better sense of humour and are more willing to let go and engage in the moment, which as far as I am concerned is ideal and a delight.

If I have upset any men with my comments here. Good…