If you see any litter in front of your house, please pick it up

On more than one occasion in this newspaper, I’ve made my feelings plain regarding bone-idle, slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging idiots who thoughtlessly drop litter in the street.

And I’ve explained my views on those people who think it’s okay to throw empty burger cartons and fizzy drink cans out of their car windows.

You wouldn’t do it and I certainly wouldn’t, so it’s always puzzled me what they have (apart from fresh air and the odd fly buzzing around that got in but can’t escape) between their ears.

Almost every day since the lockdown, I’ve gone out to get some fresh air and walk off the five bags of crisps I’m currently getting through every evening – well they’re very filling and it saves on the cooking.

Everywhere I go on my walks I see the same pieces of litter on the pavements and gutters outside people’s houses day after day.  Which, you won’t be surprised to learn, really annoys me.

Many of us are under ‘house arrest’ for at least part of the day and if we do go out, we don’t venture far.  We’ve never had so much time on our hands.

So, when people look out of their front window and see the same empty cola can and plastic water bottle on the pavement or across the road that were there yesterday, you’d assume they’d think, “I’ve got absolutely nothing to do until bedtime so I’ll safely pick them up and pop them in my recycling”.

If they’re feeling less charitable they might even think, “Why don’t the  people whose house these items have been lying in front of since Easter Monday pick ‘em up?”

But we have to remember that, unfortunately, not everyone takes pride in their neighbourhood’s appearance.

So, my friends, if you see any litter in front of your house or nearby, please pick it up.  If you have one, use a litter-picker stick – which isn’t easy to say with a mouthful of crisps – and bin it or recycle it.

If we all did this, there’s never been a better time to help us create a cleaner, more pleasant Wales!