So many benefits to letting the train take the strain

I recently embarked on a train journey from my home town of Ammanford to Manchester, taking in the beautiful scenic route of the Heart of Wales line.

It was a warm sunny day and the views along the way were stunningly breathtaking. This was a journey that I had not done for many years and one that I intend to repeat very soon.

At times, it felt as though our train was going straight through people’s gardens and on more than one occasion I found myself gazing out of the carriage window into someone’s living room or kitchen!

A few of the mountain climbs were so steep, I thought at times that we may all need to get out and push. In Wales, we are blessed with such beautiful picturesque landscapes around us, which quite often we find ourselves driving through and not even noticing.

With the work that I do, it’s fair to say that I am blessed with the gift of travel and I’ve just decided a lot more of it is going to be done by train!