Sometimes there’s just too much information out there

It’s inevitable that some news stories wash over our heads, because we’re exposed to a daily torrent of words and facts and opinions we’re supposed to absorb. We’ve never been so well-informed – even if we don’t want to be.

Information arrives with such frequency and in such huge quantities we rarely have time to question it.

For example, despite the interminable news reports and TV discussions about the subject, do you understand exactly what’s happening with Brexit?

Darn it!

I’ve gone and used the ‘B’ word, after managing to avoid it for months.

Getting away from the subject in hand has put me in a bad mood – which makes me a very ‘cross-digresser’.

The Brexit negotiations are quite festive really. Well, I’ve never seen a pantomime like it before!

‘Affordable Homes’ are two words we hear and read about all the time and I’ve never questioned them – until last week when I read in this newspaper that a new housing development in SA1 will include a certain number of ‘Affordable Homes’.

I suddenly realised that, given that some homes will be affordable, logically the rest of them must be un-affordable and, if no one can afford to buy them, why build them?

So, there’s one more thought to wash over your heads . . .