Stand up for Welsh comedy

Being both Welsh-speaking and a comedian, over the years I have been persuaded to venture into the world of Welsh stand-up comedy, something I must admit that I did not embrace with open arms.

However, over the past few years I have found myself not only performing in, but also fronting many Welsh comedy events.

The problem many of my Welsh speaking comedy chums and I have experienced is that demands have been put on us to do more and more Welsh events and to keep Welsh language comedy alive.

But, in my experience, the people making these demands don’t seem to be venturing out and supporting the shows, or helping towards ensuring these events are well attended.

This is why we find ourselves doing most of our work in the English language in order to pay the bills.

Last Saturday, I found myself in a new Llanelli venue ‘Y Lle’, entertaining a room full of strong supporters of the language, organised by Menter Iaith Cwm Gwendraeth.

Great company with such friendly people and, to top it off, an extra hour in bed!