Stop the Clock

A few years ago, street magician and endurance artist (well that’s what he calls himself) David Blaine spent six weeks inside a Perspex box suspended above the ground, next to Tower Bridge, London, as a publicity stunt .

He had constant press coverage. Hundreds of people hung around to check if he escaped in the middle of the night to get a bag of chips. His stunning feat placed him in the record books after he placed his smelly feet in a bowl of hot soapy water.

Many people remember the stunt. But who remembers what he was publicising?

So I hope that the stunt I’ve come up with – channelling the spirit of David Blaine – to publicise my forthcoming show, Love and Laughter at the Lyric theatre, Carmarthen, on 24th January 2015, will create a flurry of interest amongst the local population.

At 3.00 a.m. next Sunday morning, from a remote location, I will stop the clock in the clock tower in St. Catherine’s Walk, Carmarthen, using the power of my mind.

Some of you may think this impossible. Some of you stopped reading this in the second paragraph. But all of you should be prepared to be amazed.