Stressed out by mystery cards

Every year this happens and it’s doing my head in.

Yesterday morning the postman delivered that dreaded card that read, “Merry Christmas Phil. Best wishes from John”.

Now then – my address book, phone and Christmas card list has no fewer than 87 people named John. So how am I supposed to know who this is from?

Why do they, or him, in this case, do it?

Doesn’t he realise the blinking stress that he is causing?  For goodness sake man, give me a fighting chance and a bit of a clue as to John who, or from where.

On the other hand, this could be a deliberate ploy to cause me stress and frustration.

The very same thing happened last year and I was still trying to work out who John was in April.

There were even a few sleepless nights trying to figure out which John he could be.

At this rate I will need therapy.