Taking the Christmas strain

I can’t help but notice that many people are experiencing higher levels of stress at the moment, which could be a direct result of the challenges faced in the build up to Christmas.

Yes, this time of year is not all fun and games for everyone. Far from it.

To be honest with you, I am also feeling a bit of the strain, which is a direct result of trying to please too many people.

I’m not alone on this and my research suggests that our biggest downfall is people pleasing and lacking the ability to say “no”.

This, and the additional demands of crowds and Christmas shopping, makes it very difficult for us to enjoy the season of goodwill.

But just think of this for a moment.

Baby Jesus was born in a stable, with parents who were homeless and his father unemployed.

Now, just imagine, if that was today . . .  a homeless couple, father signing on at the job centre, they’re living in a tent – AND they come to you and say they have just had a son called Jesus who is the son of God (relax, it’s a joke).

Who would you call first, the police or the Mental Health Department?