Telly repeats really take the biscuit!

Although Bank Holiday Monday August 26th seems ages ago, we remember it as a real ‘scorcher’.  It was so hot, I threw caution to the wind (even though there was no breeze that day) and removed my vest for the entire afternoon.

That was our last public holiday until December 25th and the short days and long dark nights of autumn and early winter will be with us before we know it.  Personally, I already know it, which is why I wear a vest.

Autumn is traditionally when the terrestrial TV companies bring out their big starry shows that attract high ratings.  Unfortunately, having ‘something good to watch on the telly at last’ is a double-edged sword for performers like yours truly as, with any luck, we’ll be out working several evenings a week.

If only there was some sort of technology that allowed us to record TV programmes so we could watch them any time we like . . .

During the summer months, TV bosses decamp to their bolt holes in Tuscany and San Tropez, seemingly indifferent to the fact they’ve left the schedules filled with endless repeats and films we’ve seen at least 10 times – since last Christmas!

And the stagnant TV menu card hasn’t just covered the desolate wasteland of afternoon programming; it’s also moved into prime time.

However, terrestrial TV did give us some new shows this summer.
‘Classics’ like “Britain’s Favourite Biscuit”, “Britain’s Favourite Chocolate Bar” and “Britain’s Favourite Takeaway” – and, without any sense of irony, the same channel broadcast “Britain’s Obesity Crisis”.

If John Logie Baird, the father of television, were alive today, he might wish he’d invented the widget instead.  Then again, he’d be almost 140, so probably wouldn’t be all that concerned.

If people can approach a broadcaster with a daft idea like “Britain’s Favourite Used Teabag” and get it commissioned, why bother wracking your brains trying to come up with an original sitcom or drama, then slog away for months writing and re-writing it?

So here’s my daft TV show idea for Summer 2020.  “Britain’s Favourite Repeat Of Summer 2019”.

Interested broadcasters, please form an orderly queue…