Thanks for all the support – your feedback’s amazing

Those astute readers among you will realise that my contribution to the local press has now been going since June, 2014. That’s a lot of column inches.

When I was approached to become a regular contributor to the well-established and respected newspapers it was a total surprise. A shock to be honest. Up until that point, it was not something that I had even thought of adding to my repertoire!

But as you know, I love a challenge and I was fully aware that the media eats up material at a tremendous rate of knots.

The technology was also an issue: would my typewriter cope with the extra work? Are spare parts still available? Did I have enough candles in my study to work until the small hours?

I am so glad I took on the challenge.

The amazing positive feedback I get (not only from the readers in Wales, but as far afield as Ireland, Switzerland, Canada and America) makes it all worthwhile.

On my travels, I meet so many fascinating characters with interesting stories.
Without them, this space would probably contain Saturday’s lottery numbers and more adverts.

Perish the thought. Thanks for reading and, more importantly, thanks for your support.