There’s a lot of virtue to be found in ‘not fitting in’

Well – I’m glad Easter is over, there is only so much chocolate one can eat.
Safely.  Personally, I didn’t have any Easter eggs, but everywhere I went there were chocolate eggs for sale.

For the record, I’ve picked a few up today at a fraction of the price they were last week.  It was worth the wait.

Don’t judge me on this. We all like a bargain from time to time. We all have our funny ways and if we were all ‘perfect’ or the same, life would be so flipping boring, and I wouldn’t have anything to write about every week.
In fact, you would probably see me sitting in a coffee shop somewhere, staring into my cup. Can you imagine?

We should all embrace and celebrate our differences.  Many of the greatest people in history often didn’t fit in. Yet not fitting in turned out to be a huge asset for them.

They possibly didn’t know this at the time, but by being true to themselves and applying a good work ethic, they stood out and greatness was achieved.

Maybe this is something we could all think about?