I think I’ve gone soft!

Strange as it may seem but I have a confession to make. Our cocker spaniel was on my Christmas present list.

I know I’m not alone as millions of people include their pets in the Christmas festivities as pets have now been elevated to family member status. Now when did this all happen?

To be honest with you, I’m convinced that the reason for this is that they are more appreciative, less argumentative, more loyal, less moody, love unconditionally and don’t pout for weeks on end like their human counterparts.

Pet lovers are all around us and the sale of pet toys and goodies have rocketed in the past five years. So, clearly, the evidence is out there.

Personally, I draw the line at pet jumpers and diamanté studded collars.

But yes, people are buying such items. My spaniel, however, prefers a onesie.

Who’d have thought?