Time to drink in the fact we are not as smart as we think!

We all believe we’re slightly more intelligent than the next person.  Especially if we’re on a train in elbow-rubbing proximity to a WAG minister.

But there are times when, no matter how high our IQ, we behave as if it’s dropped to below single figures – if that’s at all possible.

In other words, ‘Sometimes we ain’t as smart as we think’!  Here’s a f’rinstance that many of my readers will relate to.

I was listening to the Ken Bruce Radio 2 show the other day and heard a conversation between Mr. Bruce and a ‘Pop Master’ contestant I’ll call ‘Bernard’.  His name was actually Derek, but I once knew someone with that name who I didn’t like, so I’ll call him ‘Bernard’.

If you don’t know what ‘Pop Master’ is, you’re either in full-time employment or have such a busy life you never take a break at 10.30 on weekday mornings to listen to the long-running music quiz.

This particular Friday morning, ‘Bernard’ mentioned that as it was his 50th birthday the following day, the celebration, would be a ‘three-day event’.  A Friday pub lunch with drinks and an evening meal…with drinks.  Saturday, there’d be another pub lunch with drinks and another evening meal… with drinks.  Then, on the Sunday, a big family get together where there would be loads of party food… with yet more drinks.

I may be wrong, but I can’t imagine that during his ‘three day event’ he’d be dining on lentils, pulses and other ultra-healthy food.  More than likely, he’d do what most of us non-vegans/vegetarians do to celebrate a big birthday and tuck into a thick juicy steak and chips or a pizza or a big bowl of pasta, washed down with plenty of ‘vino collapso’ or beer, followed by thick, sweet desserts.  So, to sum up…

To celebrate getting one year older, Bernard happily risked the possibility of clogging his arteries and ruining his liver, thereby reducing the odds of him celebrating many more birthdays.  Proof that ’Sometimes we ain’t as smart as we think’.

What are you drinking?  It’s my round!