Time to enjoy festival season

As we now enter the summer months I’m convinced that nobody loves a good party or festival more that the Welsh…..And we have so many within a short travelling distance of Swansea, Llanelli and Neath.

The festival scene is booming and record numbers are being recorded up and down the country, despite the fact that the weather isn’t always ideal. If anyone is thinking of going into business in Wales, might I suggest manufacturing wellingtons!

If you haven’t been to a festival or outdoor concert I urge you to give it a go. Take the plunge, take the kids, take your nan… she’ll love you for it!

There are so many to choose from. Food festivals, flower festivals, folk and jazz festivals, and my favourite, comedy festivals. Ok, and the Welsh favourite, the beer festival.

These events are also very important for the local economy and in addition give us the chance to mix, mingle and make new friends. All this and a great day out!  What are you waiting for? Why not join me and explore our local festival scene this year?