‘Tis the season to watch out for personal property

I’m truly devastated. Following another long day, I came home late last night only to find all the doors and windows open and everything stolen . . .

What kind of sick person does that to someone else’s Advent Calendar?

Did I get you there?

But how would you feel if your home had been broken into, which at this time of year is something that happens to so many.

Cars, sheds and homes are targeted throughout the run-up to Christmas as so many of us take our personal security for granted.

Being the victim of crime can have a devastating effect on us and the police tell us to keep all valuables locked up and out of sight. Good advice.

However, most of us only practice this after we have been affected by such a crime.

And another thing. If your Christmas tree lights work the first time you plug them in . . . there is something definitely wrong with them!

It’s not normal, it wouldn’t be Christmas without five hours spent trying to untangle them and another three hours testing each bulb to see which one is causing the others not to work!