Is the truth really out there – in Port Talbot?

Here’s a statement you don’t hear every day.  “I think Port Talbot is on some weird alien map. Like some sort of lay-by.  The Little Chef of the galaxy!”

It’s years since I visited a Little Chef, but I don’t recall it being staffed by Martians. Just the usual young lad taking his time with the orders and his mum cooking an unidentified frying object behind the counter.

That astounding comment about Port Talbot was made by none other than internationally-famous actor Michael Sheen – who always gives a ‘polished’ performance.  (Sorry! I couldn’t resist.)

As you probably know, Michael grew up in Port Talbot, but when the actor first became famous one or two national newspaper mistakenly reported the steel town was his place of birth.  That error has been repeated many times ever since.

In fact, he was born in Newport – the city that had once been in Monmouthshire, then moved to Gwent and was last seen thumbing a lift along the M4. His parents moved to Port Talbot soon after his birth.

Being very small at the time, Michael was obliged to go with them.  Michael is convinced Port Talbot’s a UFO ‘hot spot’, because so many people around the town have had extra-terrestrial encounters, like the very respectable lady next door to the Sheen family.  Not the type to make up fanciful stories, she reported seeing a flying saucer hovering over her garden one morning as she was in her kitchen making coffee.

One New Year’s Eve, Michael’s father, who hadn’t touched a drop, saw a strange formation of lights in the sky and even Michael himself had a close encounter when he was still at school.

“One afternoon”, he recalled, “I’d just got off the school bus and turned to walk up the path to my house when from around the mountain came a formation of lights which went out to sea and disappeared.”

Is it possible that aliens are walking around un-noticed among the steel town’s population of 37,000?  And, if they are, is it a case of “PT…phone home”?