Too often, I find myself witnessing unhygienic actions in public toilets.
Not that I make a habit of hanging around in such places, but when nature calls, needs must.

It’s now very common to witness men leaving the toilets in pubs, cafes and restaurants without washing their hands.

I can’t speak for the ladies, as for me observing such activities in ladies toilets brings with it consequences and a warning that I took onboard immediately.
Moving on . . .

Recently, I saw a man leaving a pub toilet without washing his hands; he then went on to share a bowl of crisps with his partner.

It would be so funny if he was reading this . . . hang on…. was it you?

In supermarkets, I’ve witnessed men return to their shopping without washing their hands after visiting the toilet.

What’s the hurry? It takes less than a minute and would prevent germs from spreading and people becoming ill.

Mark my words, the next step will be hygiene police employed at all public places.

OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but possibly not a bad idea!