Upstaged by the dogs! Barking mad…

You often hear people say that someone “Has more money than sense”.  But you neverhear anyone say someone has more sense than money.

The world of the super-rich is alien to most of us and (whilst I’m not envious of them; because being extremely wealthy is not without its pitfalls and problems) what some of them spend their money on can be truly bizarre.

The lustrous Barbra Streisand has been a star for more than 50 years and is still working at the age of 78.  Thousands of music fans recently saw her step out on stage in Hyde Park – which came as a bit of a shock as they’d paid to see Bob Dylan and Neil Young!

She’s made millions from films, TV specials, concerts and record sales, produced and directed films and always seemed highly intelligent and astute.  But …

She only went and spent money on having her late dog Samantha – a white Coton Du Tulear breed – cloned.

She now has two ‘replicas’ of the pet pooch who passed.  And, if you think that’s crazy, she had them and a third dog (Miss Scarlet, Miss Violet & Fanny) flown 10,000 miles from her L.A. home to watch her perform in Hyde Park.

By all accounts, the concert was amazing and Ms Streisand’s voice as beautiful as it ever was.  But here’s one review that made me feel sorry for surprise guests Lionel Richie and Kris Kristofferson, who duetted with Barbra.  “The real highlight of the show was when Barbra’s assistant brought her two cloned dogs on stage in a pram!”

The audience had been entertained by three of the biggest stars in the world, yet the ‘highlight’ was a pair of pampered pooches!  Barbra says, “Who wouldn’t want their loved ones cloned?”

Well, I’m very fond of my Uncle Cledwyn, but due to his chronic flatulence – which doesn’t worry him since he lost his sense of smell when someone jostled his arm as he was snipping his nasal hairs with pliers – I really wouldn’t want more than one of him in the world.