Welsh Factor and raw local talent

The highlight of last week for me was attending the now ever-popular Welsh Factor talent show, held at the Neath RFC clubhouse. I do enjoy these occasions immensely as they keep me in touch with the grass roots of the entertainment industry. You get to see future stars in the making.

Once again, a sell-out audience witnessed acts from all across Wales.
The place was alive with new raw talent. All acts on the night were eager to win a place at the final, which will be held in the early part of 2019 in Llanelli.

The event was hosted and held together by one of the safest pairs of hands in showbiz, the Swansea legend, my long time friend, Kev Johns.

More than 25 acts graced the stage, many of whom I hadn’t seen perform previously, which demonstrates that we do have an abundance of talent close to home. I challenge each and every one of you to check out the local entertainment scene and support live entertainment as often as you can.

This can be extremely beneficial to your local community.
Go on, I dare you.

We have a duty to keep live entertainment alive. I firmly believe this.
Together we can make a difference.