Welsh Factor

The highlight of last week for me was being invited to judge the best talent show in Wales, held at the Diplomat Hotel Llanelli.

Here we witnessed acts of various ages and experience with a passion to perform. For me it was pure joy to see some future professional performers at the grass roots of the business.

At last we have an organisation that find, develop and support talent in a safe environment. This is a recipe for success and deserves so much more recognition and awareness.

The Welsh Factor Academy was set up in February 2010 by Anna Marie Thomas from Neath, who gained her experience and good grounding in the family entertainment business.

When youngsters are encouraged to perform this way they learn valuable life skills, grow in confidence and build strong relationships which will serve them well as they go through life, a positive contribution to society as a whole.

For the future of Welsh talent to remain safe we must all encourage and support it, which means turning off the TV and venturing out to the clubs and theatres. Try it, embrace it and share they joy that is live entertainment.