Whats’s new pussycat?

We’ve all said it . . . “Well, I’ve heard everything now!” Believe me, you haven’t.

I thought it was a joke when I read it in a national paper, although it was too late for April Fool’s Day.

But it’s true. David Teie from the University of Maryland has made a CD of tunes aimed at music-loving cats, originally financed through a kick-starter scheme that raised $250,000 – proving that America is a land of rich cat-lovers.

When Universal Music heard about it, they agreed to release it all around the world!

The music features purring and suckling noises, as well as David Teie on his cello accompanied by players from the US National Symphony Orchestra.

David stresses that the CD is aimed at calming and bringing pleasure to cats, rather than getting them excited.

I’m not sure if the CD will include such tunes as “Careless Whiskers”, “A Moggy Day In London Town”;“Purrfect Day” or Slade’s “Claws I Luv You”.

What I’d really like to know is, how can you train a cat to turn a CD player on and off?