Wind Street fashion won’t keep me warm on cold winter nights

I don’t know about you but over the past couple of days I’ve had some trouble warming up.  At this rate, I will be digging out the thermal underwear garments which have been hidden away up until now following last winter’s holiday.

On Saturday evening, I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the punters frequenting Wind Street in Swansea were wearing next to nothing.  Yes – bare legs and flimsy tops and certainly no fur coats.  And the women were just as bad!

Don’t get me wrong, extremely fashion-conscious, but zero practicality.
It’s now dawned on me that I’m at an age where comfort and practicality takes precedent over fashion.  Boring to some, I know, but I’d rather be warm and happy than cold and miserable.

Please don’t say that I’m alone on this?  For the record, it must have been cold last weekend.  As I passed my local councillor, I observed he had his hands in his own pockets.  Just sayin’ . . .