Yanks a lot – but no thanks!

As loyal readers know, I like to take a detached look at events and situations and slowly filter them through my brain until they end up on this page.

Most recently, the events in Zimbabwe made me wonder if Mugabe might have roots in the North Of England because his name spelt backwards is ‘E-Ba-Gum!’

Moving on . . .

In the 1960s, when the likes of The Beatles and Gerry and The Pacemakers created hysteria among American teenagers, they called it ‘The British Invasion’.

Many years later, the Yanks are having their revenge because Britain has been crushed by the ‘American invasion’ of our culture, traditions and eating habits.

I’m not referring to American films, books, comics or music which provide wonderful entertainment.

However . . .

Recently I mentioned my disappointed that Halloween – and its two sweet-stealing offspring Trick and Treat – has elbowed Guy Fawkes Night to one side and taken over as ‘The’ big celebration of the Autumn.  Actually, to say I’m ’disappointed’ is an understatement.

Every October 31st my face turns bright purple with rage – very useful when I want to scare ‘Trick Or Treaters’ away from my front door. The UK has been subjected to further ‘Americanisation’ with the unnecessary arrival of the School Prom – once only seen on US TV shows or in films.

British children now demand prom suits, expensive dresses . . . even limos!

Who allowed this to happen?

I want names and addresses!

There’s more . . .

Although we’re in the middle of buying Christmas presents, decorations, wrapping paper etc., this hasn’t prevented some shops from selling food for ‘Thanksgiving’ – an American tradition as important over there as our Christmas dinner.

But we’re not Americans and retailers should stop trying to turn us into the 51st State purely to squeeze more money out of people, many of whom will struggle to pay for Christmas. Have a nice day!