You never know you have it ’til it’s gone

I believe the old saying, ‘You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry’ – even though owning a well would be ‘wishful thinking’ on my part.

See what I did there?

But, as my annual water rates cost a fortune, I wouldn’t only miss my supply if it were cut off, I’d be hammering on the front doors of the Welsh Water HQ demanding my taps be turned back on forth-with.

And, if that wasn’t possible, fifth-with!

But I digress…

The old saying means you don’t miss something until it’s no longer there and I was reminded of it while reading an article written by a Phil Colwill, about how his life changed when he was routinely stopped by the police, admitted he’d had a drink earlier, was breathalysed and banned from driving for 12 months.

He explained…

“I always thought of myself as a careful driver but some speeding offences and a drink driving ban suggested otherwise.

“I was supposed to be one of the good guys. When I went to court I felt ashamed and embarrassed.”

His 12-month ban was reduced to nine after agreeing to attend an alcohol awareness course run by the Institute Of Advanced Motorists, where, among other things, he learned that a motorist is four times more likely to have an accident after only one alcoholic drink.

During the ban he had to rely on public transport and he loathed having to wait in ‘so-called bus shelters’ in the rain and sit/stand on long-delayed train journeys.

Okay, millions of people have to do this every day to get to and from work, but believe me, once you’re used to having a car, when you can’t have access to it, even for a day or two, it’s very frustrating.

If you’re a motorist, next time you’re behind the wheel, whether it’s to commute, go away for the weekend or visit friends, consider how time-consuming and complicated that journey would be without your car.

Once his ban was lifted, Phil wanted to redeem himself and took the Advanced Motorcycling Skills course run by South Wales Advanced Motorcyclists where the advice he received from experienced riders helped him to pass with a F1RST grade.

He’s now going for the Institute Of Advanced Motorists car test and I wish him well with it.

Which brings us back to my opening paragraph – because it makes me a ‘well-wisher’.

And you thought these articles were just thrown together…